Facial Mask

Facial Mask

Mask, a category of skin care products, is a carrier of beauty care products that are applied to the face for beauty functions such as hydration, whitening, anti-aging, oil balancing, etc.

Historical Development


History of facial masks

The world-famous Cleopatra used to apply egg whites on her face at night, and when the egg whites dried, a film was formed on her face, which was washed off with water in the morning to make the skin on her face smooth and delicate, and to maintain a youthful glow. It is said that this is the origin of the modern popular mask. China’s Tang Dynasty, “a smile on the face of Yang Guifei”, it is said that she is beautiful, in addition to diet and living conditions, but also thanks to her commonly used specially prepared mask. Yang Guifei’s mask is not difficult to do: with pearls, white jade, ginseng in the right amount, ground into a fine powder, mixed with the best lotus root powder, blended into a paste on the face, leave it for a few moments, and then wash away. It is said that it can remove spots and whiten, remove wrinkles and shine the skin. It seems that the beauty mask, which is easy to do and has obvious effects, was adopted by the beauty loving ladies a long time ago and has been improved and used to this day. Among the beauty cosmetics, the mask is one of the first to appear.


Product Features


Don’t rush to catch the fad and focus only on getting rid of nose pimples, after using the tear-off mask, and then get busy with the stick-on moisturizing mask. That kind of effect is definitely not equal to going to a beauty salon to have your face done. The real do-it-yourself mask should first subtract to the skin, that is, deep cleansing, exfoliation, removal of oxidized oil, and then add to the skin, that is, on the basis of hydration and moisturization to do whitening, anti-aging, balancing oil and other maintenance work.


The principle of the mask is to use the short time covered in the face, temporarily isolate the outside air and pollution, raise the skin temperature, the skin’s pores expand, promote sweat secretion and metabolism, so that the skin’s oxygen content rises, which is conducive to the skin to exclude the products of epidermal cell metabolism and accumulated oil-like substances, the moisture in the mask penetrate into the epidermal stratum corneum, the skin becomes soft, the skin is naturally bright and elastic .


There are four main forms of masks: mud paste type, tear type, jelly gel type and wet tissue type. Mud paste type masks are commonly seaweed masks, mineral mud masks, etc., tearing type masks are most commonly blackheads pimples special nose patches, frozen gel type to sleep masks are most famous, wet tissue type is generally a single package of mask paper infiltrated with beauty solution. Along with the development of beauty technology, there is a kind of mask made of silk, strictly speaking, should be classified as a wet tissue type mask.

Mask paper classification

1, according to the finished product is divided into: compressed and not compressed.

2, according to the material is divided into: silk, cotton, polyester, blended, Tencel, bio-fiber, etc.. Among them, bio-fiber mask paper is the best, blended mask paper is the second most.

Wet wipes type mask paper is divided into cotton type, silk type, other types and the latest bio-fiber type and Tencel mask.


Compressed mask

Compressed mask paper size like a 50 cent coin, the thickness of about 3 mm, when using, just put a grain in the liquid, then the natural expansion, open that is a piece of mask paper for the public face type. Suitable for travel when carrying, convenient and beautiful. Mask picture

How to use:Clean your skin first, then remove this mask paper and place the mask paper in a container. Fill the container with make-up water, the mask paper absorbs the water and expands, after a few minutes it becomes the same size as your face. Unfold the mask and gently apply it on your face. Leave the mask to dry for 10 minutes and then peel it off from the bottom and apply a little moisturizer to get a hydrated and clear skin. You can choose the water to soak the mask according to your skin condition.


Uncompressed Mask

Easy to use, there are a variety of different thicknesses, face size, to choose from, affordable, ready to take, folded in a small bowl of mask, pour in the liquid can be instantly penetrated; its advantage is that the liquid is evenly distributed, and the application of a wider surface. Suitable for doing mask in the dorm room and at home during leisure time.

Usage: After cleansing, take out the hydrating mask and remove the protective film, cover the face in accordance with the shape of the face, remove after 20 minutes, and wash with water after 2-3 minutes of skin absorption.


Mask differentiation

The mask paper that is 100% cotton looks like a pure thick feeling. And the ones containing polyester ingredients though treated, will also have a bright feeling.

The 100% cotton mask paper is easy to tear, and the torn fiber strip is shorter, the polyester chemical fiber content is not easy to pull off, and the torn fiber strip is longer.

The 100% cotton mask paper has no obvious odor after burning, the side is very flat, there is a slight powder. Containing polyester ingredients after burning a little odor, burned side will be slightly curled, there are granules.

Folding mask classification


Tear-off type mask

The main ingredients are polymer gel, water and alcohol. The cleansing principle is the same as the clay paste type, which also promotes blood circulation and metabolism by raising the temperature of the epidermis. To peel from the top down, avoid the skin around the eyes, eyebrows, hairline and lips. Since it does not contain moisturizers, it is not suitable for dry skin and the peeling method is not suitable for sensitive skin.

Folding jelly gel type mask

This is a jelly gel type maintenance mask by removing the alkaline agent and surfactant from the jelly gel type cleansing mask and adding some maintenance ingredients. The transparent ones only add water-soluble skin care ingredients and are more suitable for oily skin types, while the opaque ones add more ingredients and can be used by dry skin types, and the application should be of a certain thickness and must cover the pores in order to work better!


Cream type mask

The effect is not much different from the effect of the general night cream, the texture is similar to the skin cream, with whitening, moisturizing, soothing and other effects of the mask mostly belong to this category. The mask can be wiped clean after application. Because of the mild texture, adaptable surface is relatively wide, sensitive skin can also be safe to use!


Essential oil mask

Essential oils have small molecules and are absorbed quickly. Essential oils themselves have a beauty effect, and with moisturizers, essences and other beauty ingredients, the effect is even better.


Cotton type mask

It is to adsorb the blended highly concentrated maintenance serum on cotton cloth (paper).


Effect type mask

The efficacious mask is for different skin problems, a mask is equivalent to a solution to skin problems, characterized by good efficacy, can be more quickly and safely and effectively solve a variety of different women’s skin problems.

The efficacious mask can be understood as a natural and safe professional type of mask, suitable for different types of skin, the safety is relatively high basic will not appear allergic phenomenon, the future is bound to become the new darling of the mask market.


Powder type mask

Mix with water and soft film powder, apply on the face, 15 minutes to form a film, and then gently tear off. It is a common form of mask in beauty salons. Depending on the effect, it can moisturize, cleanse, and de-yellow, etc. The advantage is that it is easy to cleanse after use and has a good cleansing effect on the skin. There is also a washable type of film powder, but it is more troublesome to clean than the soft film type, but richer in nutritional efficacy ingredients!


According to the function is divided into 8 categories

1. clean mask which is the most common kind of mask, can remove the dirt and excess oil in the pores, and remove aging keratin, so that the skin is fresh and clean.

2. Moisturizing mask contains moisturizing agents, locking the water in the film, softening the stratum corneum and helping the skin absorb nutrients, suitable for all types of skin.

3. Soothing mask quickly soothe the skin, eliminate fatigue, restore the skin’s luster and elasticity, suitable for sensitive skin.

4. Skin tightening mask shrink pores, lighten wrinkles, especially for women who do not have time to go to the beauty salon to do care!

5. Regeneration mask contains plant extracts, softening epidermal tissue, promote skin metabolism, suitable for dry or water-deficient skin.

6. Whitening mask thoroughly remove dead skin cells, both clean, whitening double effect, so that the skin reappears young and smooth, white and transparent.

7. Instant whitening and hydrating mask, 5 minutes maintenance mask, instant whitening and hydrating effect!

8. Suck out dirt while converging pores, making the skin soft and full of shine, suitable for all skin types.


Coffee Mask

Coffee Wrinkle Removal Mask

Ingredients:1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp honey, 1 ½ tbsp flour, 2 coins coffee powder.

Method:1. Cleanse your face!

1. Mix the above ingredients to fill the powder and apply on your face.

2. After about 10-15 minutes, wash off with warm water.

3. Gently massage your face to make it slightly warm, and pat it with make-up.

Effect:Makes the skin more elastic and smooth, removes wrinkles and prevents wrinkles.


Coffee whitening mask

Ingredients: almonds, coffee powder, egg white 1.

Method: 1. Soak the almonds in hot water to soften and mash them into a puree!

1. Mix the almond puree with coffee powder and egg white evenly and put it into an airtight bottle.

2. Every night before going to bed, apply evenly on your face.

3. Wake up the next day, then wash off with warm water.

Efficacy: moisturize and remove wrinkles, make loose skin taut, lighten dark spots, make skin white and bright.


Light spot mask

Directions:Peel the banana and mash it into a clean mask bowl, then add the right amount of cream and strong tea, mix the three evenly and apply it on the freshly cleaned face, and wash it off with water after 20 minutes.

Effect:Banana is rich in vitamins, which can provide the skin with the required nutrients and also lighten the scars to add whitening skin.


Milk Mask

Directions:Crush tofu in a clean bowl, then pour in milk and stir, wrap the tofu in gauze, first use cold milk on your face, then press the tofu packed in gauze on your face.

Efficacy: It makes the skin fairer and also plays the role of lightening the spots and removing them.

Practice:First of all, when choosing pearl powder, you should choose fine pearl powder. Because the powder is fine, so it is easy to absorb, too coarse pearl powder dosage and can not achieve the effect. After cleansing your face, mix nutrients with pearl powder into a paste, apply it to your face and wash it off after ten minutes. Frequency to two or three times a week is appropriate. Adhere to the maintenance, fine and young skin is really water. Age, as long as the beauty of the need for skin care can do, there is no specific age limit. Every night before going to bed to cleanse your face, take an appropriate amount of pearl powder, evenly coated on the face, with fingers dipped in water, in a circular motion on the face gently massage, a few minutes, the white pearl powder disappeared. No need to wash, the next morning wash your face as normal. For deep cleansing, oil control effect had to be praised, not only can improve acne skin can also improve whitening skin tone.


Acne lotion

Herbs:10 grams of Phellodendron, 10 grams of Scutellaria, 10 grams of Chamomile.

Step:1: Soak the herbs in 3 bowls of cold water for 30 minutes and decoct 1 bowl of liquid.

2Strain the liquid with sterile gauze and put it in a clean glass bottle.

How to use: Wet a mask cloth and apply on face, wash off after 15 minutes.

Efficacy: anti-inflammatory and detoxifying, improve acne.


Anti-wrinkle mask

Wrinkle mask refers to the anti-wrinkle spots and wrinkles anti-aging effect of nutrients, added to the mask made from a variety of materials. The mask will be used as a carrier of this nutrients, so that the nutrients are absorbed by the skin to achieve the effect of reducing wrinkles on the face of the mask.


Animal type mask

In July 2014, there were so many strange masks on Weibo, some cute and some odd. For example, strange wild animal masks, Transformers mask, super cute little animal packaging, devil bright eye repair decreases lines moisturizing patch, moustache mask, Uncle Bird mask, etc.


Selection Tips


To choose a thicker mask paper. Thicker mask paper can lock the serum or nutrients relatively. Too light means that the mask paper is relatively thin.



Does the mask paper fit the curve and bump of the face, and does it take into account the degree of fit around the nose and around the eye area? These issues directly affect the skin’s absorption of the nutrients adsorbed in the mask. The degree of fit of the mask to the face depends on the number of cutting knives on the mask. Usually the number of knives for mask paper cutting is mostly 8, good mask cutting can reach 12 knives



The material of the mask will affect the comfort and effect of the mask. The natural cotton texture of the mask is the most popular material in recent years, the synthetic fiber material is the next most popular. Slightly thicker, weighted mask paper can absorb sufficient amount of moisturizing essence, the “pressure seal” on the skin wrapping effect is better. Bio-fiber mask paper is the best, generally used in professional salon line, because it is more expensive, the general public can not afford this price level of products.


Use process

① First of all, you should do a good job of preparing the skin before applying, mainly by thoroughly cleansing the skin, or after massage with a hot towel for three minutes to make the pores expand, then use the mask, use a towel to wrap the hair and reveal the face. It is better to apply cream or olive oil on eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. first, because these places cannot be coated with mask.

②Apply the mask supplies on your fingers or soft bristle brush, and apply evenly in the order of neck next forehead a two ton a nose a lip Monday forehead, etc. In the distance from the eyes, lips, eyebrows, etc. should be about 0.5 cm apart to avoid stimulating the mucous membrane to cause adverse reactions. Place eye pads for protection if necessary. If you are oily skin, apply the mask from the T-zone with more oil, the amount is a little more okay, and then apply other parts in order.

③After applying the mask, avoid pulling the expression muscle, it is best to take a lying position. Natural face dressing is usually kept for 10~30 minutes, peel off type mask to dry naturally for 10~20 minutes and then peel off with light pressure method from top to bottom, or wash off with water. The number of times to do the mask should be mastered properly, too diligent dressing will instead accelerate skin relaxation, aging. In general, once a week can be applied. For oily skin, acne-prone skin or pigmentation with treatment purpose, it can be used 2-3 times a week.




Usually the woven mask can be left on for 10-15 minutes, and the specific time of application can be determined according to the instructions on the mask. It should be noted that the longer the mask is applied, the better the effect. If you find that the mask is still moist after the time specified on the mask instructions, there is no need to continue to apply the mask, because the active ingredients in the mask have been fully absorbed by your skin, and applying it again will not increase the effect. Do not increase the number of times you apply the mask on your own.



After removing the woven mask, you can double the effectiveness of the mask by massaging it with the nutrients left on your face. Massage the fingers of both hands in the order of “from the center to the periphery” and “from the bottom to the top” along the texture of the muscles, which is the route of lymphatic circulation to detoxify and tighten the skin.



The main reason for the excellent maintenance effect of the mask lies in the “wrapping” effect of the mask, which completely isolates the skin from the air and allows the skin to fully absorb nutrients. Therefore, it is best to lay the mask on, so that the weight of the mask itself fully pressed on the face, to help the mask play the “wrap” effect.


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