• Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo and Conditioner Set

    Anti-hair loss hair growth shampoo, the effect after use is generally a gradual reduction in the number of hair loss until it returns to normal. When too much head oil is secreted, it will clog the pores (too much dandruff will also clog the pores), and in severe cases, it will become inflamed. S...
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  • tea tree essential oil shower gel

    tea tree essential oil shower gel

    Hi dear,   This Tea Tree Oil Body Wash is the latest product from our engineers, specifically for acne-prone backs and difficult-to-remove oil. And we added natural mint extract in it, so it is very suitable for consumers to use in summer.   Are you still worried that the epidemic will affect th...
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  • Pet Care Products

    Pet Care Products

    Pet bathing gel is very delicate, do you know how to choose? Nowadays, more and more people are raising dogs, and now we are paying more and more attention to the hygiene of our dogs. The day some friends say half a month to the dog wash, sometimes a week will give the dog a bath. The dog is now ...
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  • Beauty Tanning

    Beauty Tanning

    Overview Tanning is to make the skin darker and more beautiful, as China becomes more powerful, people’s lives are more colorful, the bronze skin that has been popular, wheat skin has become mainstream, with special cosmetics and exposure under the sun to keep the skin beautiful bronze blac...
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  • coffee body scrub

    coffee body scrub

    Coffee beans are supposed to be a drinking product that can refresh the mind and can also be used for skin care, the following is a small introduction to what is the use of coffee scrub? How often do you use coffee scrub? What is the use of coffee scrub The invention of coffee scrub originated fr...
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  • Facial Mask

    Facial Mask

    Facial Mask Mask, a category of skin care products, is a carrier of beauty care products that are applied to the face for beauty functions such as hydration, whitening, anti-aging, oil balancing, etc. Historical Development History of facial masks The world-famous Cleopatra used to apply egg whi...
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  • Body Scrub

    Body Scrub

    Scrubbing cream is an emulsified skin cleanser that contains uniform fine particles. It is mainly used to remove dirt from the deeper layers of the skin, and by rubbing it on the skin, it can exfoliate the aging scaly keratin and remove the dead skin.   Definition Scrubbing cream is an emulsified...
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  • Overseas Demand

    Overseas Demand

    Overseas demand 1) Amazon U.S. Site March Hot Words List Ecommerce Nurse, a marketing consulting firm, has studied the data related to Amazon US website in March (March 6-12) and compiled a list of hot search terms in March, involving eight categories with soaring hotness. a) Baby Products In Ma...
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  • Body Lotion

    Body Lotion

    Body lotion Body lotion is a cosmetic lotion applied to the body after bath, which has the effect of replenishing, whitening and moisturizing the whole body. With the maturity and development of technology, body milk can be subdivided into smooth, sunscreen, slimming, repair and maintenance, att...
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  • Hair Conditioner

    Hair Conditioner

      Origin In ancient times, women wore long hair and used rinsing lotions to rinse their hair to make it look smooth. With the increasing damage to modern hair, it is difficult for rinse lotions to meet all the ingredients needed to repair damaged hair. Consumers therefore prefer quick-acting...
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  • Alcohol Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

    Alcohol Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

    1)The purpose of hand washing is to remove stains and bacteria from hands, so washing power is the first thing to consider, but washing power and degreasing power are proportional, excellent decontamination power is accompanied by strong degreasing effect, so a mild and non-irritating surfactant ...
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  • Sunscreen


    Sunscreen Reason for sun protection When the skin receives excessive UV exposure, it will damage epidermal cells; activate tyrosinase, accelerate pigment synthesis, destroy the skin’s moisturizing function, make the skin dry, damage the elastic fibers in the dermis, and cause fine lines. In...
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