Reason for sun protection

When the skin receives excessive UV exposure, it will damage epidermal cells; activate tyrosinase, accelerate pigment synthesis, destroy the skin’s moisturizing function, make the skin dry, damage the elastic fibers in the dermis, and cause fine lines. In the case of abnormalities, it can become pigmented skin cancer.


After a long period of ultraviolet irradiation at one time, chronic erythema (sun spots) appear on the skin after a few hours to more than 10 hours, with bright red color, edema and severe blistering. The erythematous skin reaction reaches its peak on the second day after sun exposure, and the erythematous skin reaction fades after a week or so, with flaking and hyperpigmentation, self-conscious burning and painful skin, and serious cases may be accompanied by systemic reactions, such as fever, headache, fatigue, nausea and general discomfort, and even palpitations, delirium and shock.

Sun protection methods

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  1. When the sun is strong, wear dark clothing, not white. White clothes only reflect heat, but can not block ultraviolet rays.
  2. Hot sun exposure, you can wear a broad-brimmed light-colored sun hat, play sunshade.
  3. You can wear sunscreen or sunscreen clothing to protect your skin.
  4. You can use sunscreen, sunscreen usage, 10-20 minutes before leaving home should be coated with sunscreen products. Each time there must be at least 1-2 ml amount with a certain thickness to achieve the best sunscreen effect.
  5. The spring sunlight is softer, you can use ordinary sunscreen factor sunscreen, generally in the SPF15 or so is sufficient.
  6. In addition to sunscreen, you can also try isolation cream.
  7. Repeat application of sunscreen

Seasonal Sun Protection


  1. The spring sunlight is softer, you can use ordinary sunscreen factor sunscreen, generally in the SPF15 or so is sufficient.
  2. In addition to sunscreen, you can also try isolation cream.


Sweating or towel wipe will reduce the effect of sunscreen, repeated application is not to get a new protection, but to maintain the effect of sunscreen. Any maintenance products, even just water, as long as covered in sunscreen will affect the function of sunscreen, so swimming or sweating must be reapplied after sunscreen.

  1. Do not go out in the middle of the day

In the summer every day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when the intensity of ultraviolet radiation in the sun is at its peak, you should still avoid or reduce going out.

  1. Use sunscreen products

Sun protection does not only depend on the sunscreen composition and coefficient, the thickness of the wipe and even or not is also an important factor.



  1. Pay attention to diet, eat more fruits and vegetables and other sunscreen nutrients.
  2. Choose a suitable sunscreen.
  3. Pay attention to after-sun repair.


Sun Protection Products


Sunscreen products are cosmetics that add sunscreens that block or absorb UV rays to prevent skin tanning and sunburn.


Sunscreen products can generally be classified as physical sunscreens, chemical sunscreens, and biological sunscreens. Sunscreen products can also be divided into sunscreen cream, sunscreen lotion, sunscreen oil, sunscreen stick, sunscreen gel, sunscreen spray, etc. based on the dosage form of sunscreen products.

Sun Protection Index

UVB is divided into three types according to wavelengths:

u UVA: the longest wavelength of ultraviolet light, not absorbed by the ozone layer at the top of the atmosphere, can penetrate the dermis, more deeply than UVB, so that the skin tanning, and lead to lipid and collagen damage, causing skin photoaging and even skin cancer, so UVA will not only stimulate pigment synthesis and make the skin “dark”, but also cause skin “aging” and the main cause of fine lines.

u UVB: Medium-wave ultraviolet radiation, it can reach the dermis, resulting in skin sunburn, erythema, tanning and other phenomena, but most of the UVB is absorbed by the ozone layer, while the glass, umbrellas, clothing, etc. can be blocked.

u UVC:UVC will be almost completely absorbed by the atmosphere, and only very rarely we will run into it.

Application matters

Half an hour before going out, apply the sunscreen product evenly on all parts of the skin, the amount should not be too little.

To repeatedly apply sunscreen products. The effectiveness of sunscreen has a certain amount of time, the summer weather is hot, easy to sweat, easy to wash off the sunscreen, so the work of replenishing the rub is very important. After swimming, you should always dry the water and reapply sunscreen. When doing outdoor sports, you need to reapply every 3 hours.


Foods good for sun protection

Vitamin C fruits

Guava, kiwi, strawberries, sage fruits, tomatoes or citrus can be used.




Yellow and red fruits and vegetables

Red and yellow fruits and vegetables and dark green leafy vegetables such as carrots, mangoes, tomatoes, papayas and cabbages contain large amounts of carotenoids, which help antioxidant and strengthen skin resistance.


Soy products

The isoflavones in soy are phytoestrogens that have antioxidant properties.



Sun protection effect

Judgment Method

When choosing sunscreens, you can choose sunscreen products by judging the size of the sunscreen products UV protection ability

The algorithm used by brands in Japan and the United States is the sun protection factor (SPF), while in European countries, mainly France, it is expressed as “IP”.

In addition, there is PFA or PA, which is an objective evaluation of the effectiveness of sunscreen cosmetics against UVA; this label is based on skin tanning or pigmentation and mainly reflects the effectiveness of protection against UVA; the PA level is represented by the + sign.

Algorithm formula

SPF = MED of the part with sunscreen applied / MED of the part without sunscreen applied.


Selection Criteria

The smaller the SPF value, the worse the sun protection effect; the larger the SPF value, the better the sun protection effect.

PA + represents with maintenance effect, PA +++ represents with very good maintenance effect.

PFA 2-4 light sun protection, effective protection time of 2-4 times, and so on.


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