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In ancient times, women wore long hair and used rinsing lotions to rinse their hair to make it look smooth. With the increasing damage to modern hair, it is difficult for rinse lotions to meet all the ingredients needed to repair damaged hair. Consumers therefore prefer quick-acting products for special care restorative solutions. This is how conditioners are created, which close up the epidermal scales of the hair, making it smooth and combable, healthy and soft, and more effective than rinsing lotions in replenishing the hair and repairing damaged hair.



It is generally believed that hair has a negative electrical charge. After shampooing with shampoo (mainly anionic detergent, soap also belongs to this category), it will make the hair with more negative charge, thus generating static electricity, resulting in combing inconvenience. After using conditioner, the main component of which is cationic quaternary ammonium salt can neutralize the molecules with anions remaining on the surface of the hair, and leave a uniform single molecule film, this wonderful layer will bring a series of benefits to the hair: soft, shiny, easy to comb, anti-static, and make the mechanical damage to the hair and damage caused by chemical perm, electric perm, hair dye by a certain degree of repair.

Use effect

The surface layer of healthy hair consists of a complete set of hair scales and natural secretion of oil constitutes the protective film of hair, too much washing, perming and dyeing, sun exposure will destroy this natural protective film, resulting in the loss of moisture from the cortex, making the hair dry, lose elasticity and softness. Only with regular use of conditioner can a protective film be formed to protect the hair from damage.



Hair conditioners are mainly composed of surfactants, co-surfactants, cationic conditioning agents, lipid enhancers, oils, chelating agents, preservatives, colors, flavors and other active ingredients. Among them, surfactants mainly play the role of emulsification, anti-static and anti-bacterial; auxiliary surfactants can assist emulsification; cationic conditioning agents can play a soft, anti-static, moisturizing and conditioning effect on the hair; fattening agents such as lanolin, olive oil, silicone oil, etc. in the conditioner can improve the nutritional status of the hair, so that the hair shiny, easy to comb; other active ingredients to dandruff, wetting, sunscreen, vitamins, hydrolyzed proteins, Plant extracts, etc. give a variety of functions to the conditioner, common on the market are anti-dandruff conditioner, conditioner containing aloe vera or ginseng, etc.

The main feature of rinse type conditioner is that through the process of water bleaching, the hair care ingredients are evenly distributed on the hair, is the most commonly used hair care products, features are as follows: ① cream consistency, easy to use; ② no greasy feeling when using, easy to apply, light, smooth; ③ can be evenly distributed on the hair; ④ easy to clean, good hair care effect.

With environmental pollution, hair coloring, perm and other adverse factors, people pay more attention to hair care, there are many hair care products, including two-in-one shampoo once became the main supplies of shampoo and hair care. Two-in-one shampoo because of the shampoo and hair care in one step, convenient and quick and loved by people, but shampoo shampoo and conditioner separate use, conditioner obvious hair care effect and favored by people, so that the shampoo, conditioner separate use trend has picked up.


Selection method

Under normal circumstances, wash your hair after sun exposure, you should wait for your scalp and hair to cool naturally before you start, and the choice of conditioner should be suitable for your hair type:

Dry hair

The hair scales in the hair structure have been damaged, which can lead to lack of water, lack of oil, and in serious cases, yellowing, splitting, fragile and easy to break. Therefore, the choice of conditioner should focus on whether it has a moisturizing and nourishing effect.

Oily hair

Oil control and refreshing conditioner is perfect for helping oily hair stay dry and comfortable for a long time, even after strong exposure to UV rays, it is not sticky and greasy, but can help you hold the feeling of freshness when you just wash your hair.


How to use

Basic method

There are two ways to use conditioner: one way is to rinse the hair after shampooing, take the right amount of conditioner, rub the hair in the middle and tips of the hair for a few moments, then rinse with clear water; the other way is to rinse the hair after washing, take the right amount of conditioner and disperse it in a basin with water, then rub the hair with the dispersed conditioner and rub it for a few moments, then rinse with clear water.

Use of misconceptions

1. Use leave-in instead of nutritional conditioner

When shampooing, it is wrong to think of using leave-in conditioner later, so when you wash your hair, you don’t use conditioner anymore.

Usually, leave-in conditioner only has an anti-static function and can only form protection on the surface of the hair, but it cannot penetrate deep into the hair roots to care for damaged hair at all. So, when washing your hair, never skip the nutritional moisturizing conditioner.

2. Use conditioner too much

When using conditioner for oily hair, you must be careful, too much use of conditioner, will let the dandruff breeding, when using, as long as the application in the drier hair tips can be, the scalp part as little as possible to use conditioner.

3. dry hair with high protein conditioner

The most important thing to remember is that you need to use a special conditioner that contains high protein, but your hair is getting dryer and dryer. In fact, too much use of protein conditioner will affect the normal metabolism, but counterproductive, choose a clean conditioner can effectively clean the hair.





Post time: Apr-23-2022