Body Scrub

Scrubbing cream is an emulsified skin cleanser that contains uniform fine particles. It is mainly used to remove dirt from the deeper layers of the skin, and by rubbing it on the skin, it can exfoliate the aging scaly keratin and

remove the dead skin.



Scrubbing cream is an emulsified skin cleanser containing uniform fine particles. It is mainly used to remove dirt from the deeper layers of the skin, remove skin cuticles, dead skin. So you must try to pick whether the scrubbing particles are rounded and smooth, and whether they are too hard.

An emulsifying cream containing insoluble solid abrasives for deeper cleansing of the facial skin. When using the cream on the skin appropriate massage, in the play of the preparation of oil, water and surfactant cleaning effect, through the friction of the apricot shell powder, nylon powder and other abrasives, can be more difficult to remove the dirt and accumulation of skin surface aging keratin layer cells removed. These products should not be used every day, dry skin, sensitive skin, and massage light important moderate, so as not to cause skin damage.



Scrubs can be divided into plant-based, donkey milk-based, chemical-based and flower essential oil-based according to ingredients, and scrubs can be divided into facial and body according to care.


Botanical type

This type of scrub has scrubbing particles such as apples, red beans, papaya, oats and other natural plants. The advantage is that it contains natural lipids and vitamins to moisturize the skin; it is suitable for facial and body care.


Chemical type

This kind of scrub particles such as aluminum oxide, silica and other artificial particles. The advantage is synthetic, round and even particles; not recommended for this type of skin care products.


Floral essential oil type

This type of scrub particles are rich in natural floral trace elements. The advantage is that it contains moisturizing factors that can quickly awaken the skin’s vitality; suitable for face and body care.


Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are emulsified skin cleansers that contain uniform fine particles. It is mainly used to remove deep skin impurities, by rubbing on the skin can make the aging scaly keratin peel up, remove dead skin, meticulous pore enlargement, thus brightening the skin complexion. Domestic people are stuck doing facial care, and do not care about their body skin problems, there are always a lot of awkward scenes in the dating dinner, rough skin no one wants to contact you too close, afraid to hurt themselves, away from more and more. So we need to do maintenance on the body skin, we are too busy to go to the SPA, but you can choose some professional body care brand, let yourself transformed, so that the skin blows.


How to use

In general, the appropriate number of times to use scrub: oily skin every 2 weeks to use 1 time; dry skin or facial skin is very thin once a month; neutral or mixed skin every 2 weeks, can only be used in the T-zone; in addition, mixed skin can also be used locally in the oilier or rougher parts of the skin, the duration should not be too long, a few minutes can be. Take the size of your thumb, evenly coated on the skin, pay attention to avoid around the eyes, hands to the inside out drawing small circles of action to lightly rub massage, the nasal sockets to the outside to draw circles, for 5-10 minutes.


Body Scrub

Wet the body in the shower, take an appropriate amount of body scrub applied to the body parts, hands in a circular motion massage on the whole body, and then wash with water can be, instantly can feel the skin’s soft white and smooth, recommended 1-2 times a week.


Note on use

We use with scrub, whether in the beauty salon or DIY, massage action must be gentle, the same part of the massage 5 times on it, should not be too much. If the force is too much will also hurt the skin. And before using it, make sure there is enough moisture on your face to avoid over-drying and abrading your skin.

The scrub is more suitable for oily and combination skin, dry skin caution, allergic skin can not be used. Some parts of the skin are too thick, you can also use scrubs to make the skin smooth. If you have acne, using a scrub to remove the dead skin also helps the smooth discharge of oil and has a certain therapeutic effect.


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