Body Lotion

Body lotion

Body lotion is a cosmetic lotion applied to the body after bath, which has the effect of replenishing, whitening and moisturizing the whole body. With the maturity and development of technology, body milk can be subdivided into smooth, sunscreen, slimming, repair and maintenance, attractive and other functions.
The basic information

Body lotion is with the development of beauty care field, for different consumers, different market demand for the subdivision of a product, to focus on the care and maintenance of the body, so the products of raw materials, technical requirements is strict, according to different parts of the cells to make a different analysis, can be more accurate and effective to achieve the purpose of physical beauty.
Product efficacy

Use body lotion to moisturize the skin, replenish the moisture and nutrients needed by the skin, prevent the skin from becoming dry and dehydrated, and form a protective layer on the skin surface to slow the loss of moisture. At present, body milk has been subdivided into many different types and functions, such as hydrating the whole body, smoothing the whole body, whitening, removing chicken skin, repairing after sun, body fragrance and so on.
Product categories

1. Distinguish from the texture of body milk

Latex body milk: the moisture content of latex body milk is the highest, oil is relatively less, usually thin texture, thin, and even with a certain fluidity, the most light and breathable and conducive to absorption, so the smear up relaxed not greasy.
Cream body cream: A cream body cream is thicker than a cream, with a frost-like texture and a consistency between latex and cream. Because its oil content is larger than emulsion, so the coolness is affected by the type of oil in the composition.
Cream type body milk: Cream type body milk has the thickest texture and high oil content, but it is also easy to bring greasy and stuffy feeling to the skin. The texture is not conducive to absorption, easy to rub mud, and even affect skin permeability. However, its ability to lock water and moisturize is stronger, so it is more suitable for dry skin or dry environment.

 2. Differentiate from the function of body milk

Deep moisturizing body lotion: it mainly moisturizes the whole body, moisturizes the skin deeply and moisturizes the cuticle layer, continuously replenishing the moisture and nutrients needed by the skin.
Beautiful white body milk: beautiful white body milk can descool gradually bask in spot, black spot, avoid the precipitation of melanin, still can make skin appears brighter luster. The metabolic cycle of skin is 28 days, because this is general white body milk can see the effect after using the product 28 days normally.
Chicken skin type body milk: At present, the body milk used to remove chicken skin on the market is mostly fruit acid type body milk, which can soften horniness, thus improving the state of chicken skin, while helping to smooth the skin and restore tender and smooth.
Firming body lotion: helps to eliminate fat and prevent sagging and aging skin. However, many firm body creams are slightly less moisturizing, so it is recommended to apply an extra layer of moisturizing body lotion a few minutes after the firm body lotion is applied to combat dryness.
Perfumed body lotion: Perfumed body lotion often has a pleasant scent. Sweet atmosphere body milk not only can moisten skin, and fragrance is lasting and won’t too strong, the summer that has become a lot of schoolgirls uses sweet means, when appointment goes out, can brush. Of course, since there is sweet atmosphere model body milk also can have milk of sweet atmosphere body, as opposed to sweet atmosphere body milk, taste of milk of sweet atmosphere body is pure and fresh and quietly elegant normally, the easy such as fragrance fragrance sends sensitive composition, more natural safety on ingredient.

3. Distinguish from the body milk system

There are basically four types of body milk products: anhydrous oil-based systems, W/O type emulsions, O/W emulsions and water-alcohol emulsions. Because consumers do not like greasy feeling, so, O/W emulsion and water-alcohol emulsion more popular.
Using method

The best use time of body milk is the best use effect when the body is in 60 to 70 percent dry after bath. Because just after bathing, the pores of the body are still in an open state, which can better absorb the nutrients of the body milk and fully nourish the skin.
Body lotion should be used daily and applied evenly, if it is too late to use until the skin is dry and peeling. Dry skin absorbs much less than normal skin. After applying the body lotion, slowly absorb the residual moisture from your body with a towel. Wear warm, soft clothes. A warm body helps your skin absorb the body lotion.
Main component

Petroleum jelly (petroleum oil, petroleum grease): the composition is very simple, only 1 component – petroleum grease, also known as petroleum jelly, the appearance is a thick paste. Vaseline is a lubricant commonly used in cosmetics, which is not likely to cause acute irritation and allergy. It is not easy to be absorbed by skin, form oily film in skin surface only, reduce skin moisture disperses lose, cut off outside bacteria to invade.
Mineral grease, mineral oil is a byproduct of petroleum, colorless, tasteless, low sensitivity. Used as solvent and softener in cosmetics, with antistatic effect mineral oil is divided into cosmetic grade and medicinal grade, cosmetic grade mineral oil has high safety degree and little irritation. Mineral oil is generally considered to be impure and of low quality, which can cause allergies and acne. The higher the quality and purity, the safer it is for the skin.
Shea butter moisturizer, softening agent, promote wound healing, viscosity control, can prevent dry skin moisture loss, help wound skin healing, improve skin smoothness and barrier function. At the same time can adjust the fluidity of the product, improve the viscosity, improve the sensory quality of the product and the use of skin feeling.

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Matters needing attention

When using body milk, you can cooperate with the corresponding massage techniques to better nourish the skin. After applying the body milk to the body, you can open your hand and massage all parts of the body in a circular way to promote the skin to absorb nutrients better.
Body milk is not only need to use in winter, if you want to make your body tender, smooth, white, all the year round to smear body milk in the body, cold weather in winter, can save massage steps to prevent cold. In order to make the body’s skin soft and tender, you can eat more vegetables and fruits, drink more water, to replenish the skin moisture.


The q&a

Do you need body lotion only in winter?
Answer: No. Just as we wash our faces every day, most of us bathe every day, especially in the summer. Cleansing can reduce the burden on the skin, but the skin’s natural moisture barrier can also be damaged during cleansing, meaning that the skin loses a lot of moisture. In this case, products can help to restore moisture to the skin, because in addition to the basic moisturizing function of body lotions, some body lotions also add improvement ingredients. Of course, choose body milk to want to undertake specific adjustment according to season, skin like choosing facial emulsion for instance winter uses massiness, summer uses frivolous. Dry skin needs body lotion all year round, and oil skin can be used less and so on.
Select skills

Choose body lotion based on texture. The texture of body milk is generally divided into emulsion type and cream type. The texture of emulsion is relatively thin, and the water content is high. It is light and breathable and easy to absorb. Cream texture is more thick thick, daub is not easy to push, often sticky greasy, but the ability to lock water is better, more suitable for dry skin and very dry skin selection.
Choose body milk according to skin characteristics. In addition to choosing the right texture of body milk, it is also necessary to choose according to the quality and needs of your skin. The coolness is the key. Users do not want to be greasy or stick to clothes or quilts, so they must choose the body milk suitable for their skin, good absorption and non-sticky to achieve the effect and feel good.
Choose body lotion according to fragrance type. Body milk is based on the type of fragrance, fragrance type, of course, there are many fragrance fragrance, too much fragrance is easy to cause skin irritation and skin burden.


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