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Production process advantage and quality control advantage

We have 100,000 grade dust-free cosmetics production space, independent research and development room, professional physical and chemical, irregular product research and development, follow the pace of the market.
With a semi-automatic and automatic filling machine, greatly reduce the secondary pollution of raw materials, to ensure the quality of products.In terms of quality, internal materials are strictly checked in accordance with the regulatory process of FDA and GMPC of the United States and the European Union. Our company has 5 qualified QC and QA personnel who conduct self-inspection and mutual inspection.
We also have 6 production lines and 6 packaging lines, each production line and packaging line has relevant management personnel on the operation, the staff on the production line are trained through strict post, the equipment purchase has good qualification manufacturers, whether in hardware and technology we can provide you with good  service.
Hundreds of mature recipes and exquisite technology, can provide customers with product development and innovation to provide security.




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