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OEM Factory---Bath Concept

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    At present, the share of cosmetics raw materials in the world, the closer the domestic and foreign cosmetics manufacturing technology and equipment, the closer the quality difference is. Especially in recent years, despite being challenged by the global economic slowdown, China's cosmetics retail market still maintains a strong growth momentum. The domestic skin care industry has developed rapidly, and many have exceeded foreign investment.

    According to relevant statistics, the scale of China's cosmetics retail transactions in 2015 was close to 500 billion yuan, of which domestic cosmetics suddenly appeared. It is expected that by 2019, this scale will exceed 900 billion. As a result, more and more companies with cosmetics sales resources have seized this trend and opportunity, or retail chain sales or e-commerce sales, and vigorously develop their own brands in China.

    Cosmetic OEM production is no longer a secret of the industry. As the brand owner, it is important to choose a good cosmetic OEM company to cooperate with. How to choose a strong company among the approximately 3,000 cosmetic companies with production capacity and redundant promotional messages has become a strategic issue for all brand owners.

   To be the first to make a brand, of course, make the cosmetics OEM have its own leader. Today, we are not introducing the world's largest cosmetic processing manufacturer, but the most professional skin care product manufacturer in the world-Bath Concept Cosmetics Co., Ltd. We have 14 years of processing experience, perfect technical equipment and a well-organized team.





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