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Congratulations On The Company's International CNAS Certification

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CNAS is a test report approved by China and even the international lock. 

It is a great honor for our company to pass the test successfully. 

Recently, a new type of coronary virus (also known as kora virus) has begun to attack the whole world, and many countries have different harms.

For our own safety, the spread mode of this virus is the spread of sprays, and the most effective prevention method is not to get together and to wash hands frequently. Washing hands frequently is really very important for us. Our hands will touch a lot of things and then enter our bodies. Experts say that high content ethanol  hand sanitizer can effectively prevent and kill bacteria.

德汇孚 喷雾

Our water-free disinfection spray and gel have passed CNAS test, showing that the ethanol content is 72%, which belongs to high content disinfectant. We are one of the few qualified manufacturers who can pass the test.




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